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Retaining ownership of your domain

Over the weekend I received emails from two clients, concerned about their websites and domains. For one their website wasn't visible and a quick check with http://whois.melbourneit.com.au/ showed me that their domain had expired last week. So the … [Read more]

Do you really own your domain?

Recent conversations with a couple of clients have shown that they really did not have control over their domain, or hadn't considered how important it was to track when their domain might be due for renewal. Same with web hosting. This can cause big … [Read more]

Beware Domain Registration scams

Beware of invoices that come in the mail (or by email) for renewal of your domain registration. You should always know who your domain is registered with and roughly when it may be due for registration. You can expect to receive a notice around 90 … [Read more]

Have you updated your WordPress lately?

A warning message sent out from Wordfence yesterday indicates an urgency for updating your site as soon as possible. Make sure you run a full back up first, before you do and ask your webmaster if you need assistance. Wordfence … [Read more]