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Why having a CMS site is important for you

I believe that CMS is really important for web owners and, therefore, all sites I create are CMS, unless otherwise requested.  What is CMS? It's a website development system that gives you, the owner, the flexibility to update your site, whenever you … [Read more]

Got writer’s block?

I recently had an interesting chat with a brand new client who was referred to me by a colleague in Qld. She is starting up a new business and knows she needs a presence online so contacted me to find out about getting a website.  I sent her my … [Read more]

New websites at budget prices

Are you looking for a brand new website? Perhaps the current one isn't working right for you. Or perhaps you've never had one but are realising that you really do need a web presence. I have a special offer for new websites only. And that is a 4-6 … [Read more]

Heartbleed vulnerability

By now you've probably seen articles online about the Heartbleed Bug Vulnerability affecting the internet community and that there are many popular sites affected by this bug.  This relates, in particular, to sites that are using SSL, i.e. you're … [Read more]