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Have you updated your WordPress lately?

A warning message sent out from Wordfence yesterday indicates an urgency for updating your site as soon as possible. Make sure you run a full back up first, before you do and ask your webmaster if you need assistance. Wordfence … [Read more]

Australian based domain selling

If you have been purchasing and renewing your domains via domainservices.com I wish to notify you that I am now set up as an Australian domain reseller through another server and am gradually transferring all domains I personally own to that new … [Read more]

Why having a CMS site is important for you

I believe that CMS is really important for web owners and, therefore, all sites I create are CMS, unless otherwise requested.  What is CMS? It's a website development system that gives you, the owner, the flexibility to update your site, whenever you … [Read more]

Got writer’s block?

I recently had an interesting chat with a brand new client who was referred to me by a colleague in Qld. She is starting up a new business and knows she needs a presence online so contacted me to find out about getting a website.  I sent her my … [Read more]