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Choosing images for your site

When I get clients contacting me about creating a site for them there are two things I need from them, that are an important part of developing the site:

  1. The content, text, data, whatever you’d like to call it. The words that will be about what you are offering to your clients. This can be written by you, or if you’re not a writer, then a copywriter (I know a good one if you don’t).
  2. The images for the site. This means your logo, if you have one. And any other images relating to the content on your site. Just as magazines and newspapers have images to enhance a story, so should you have images to enhance your site.

worldsmI want to concentrate on point two. It is really, really important that the images you provide for your site are rightfully yours to use.  That means you have either produced the images yourself or you have purchased them, or obtained them from a source where you can legally use them for your website. This does NOT mean just using Google images and copying anything from there that you find. While there may be some images available for free use, the majority aren’t and are generally copyrighted or belong to the person who has posted them online.

You can get images that are classed as Creative Commons.  But important you understand what that means. You can read about it here.  And there are a number of places you can get images Royalty Free via many image stock sites. Again, for details on what that means, click here.  As I’m a keen photographer I take a lot of my own, but when I can’t produce what I’m needing for a site, I use istockphoto as I have an account there.  Or I engage a graphic designer (and I know a few good ones).

So, in planning your site make sure you are using content (your own words) and images that are legally allowed to be used for your site. Very important part of your web design.


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