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Got writer’s block?

I recently had an interesting chat with a brand new client who was referred to me by a colleague in Qld. She is starting up a new business and knows she needs a presence online so contacted me to find out about getting a website.  I sent her my questionnaire, she emailed a few questions and then asked if she could call.

That’s when she told me that she was stuck about the content for her site and that is what was holding her up. She admitted she knew that in the back of her head but had never thought about it. Turns out what was holding her back was that she thought a website was permanent, rather than a live document that could be regularly updated. We talked about the importance of updates, blog posts and fresh content and she now realises it’s not like a printed book, brochure or business card that you can’t change once printed. She hung up relieved and ready to get the information to me, knowing it can be updated whenever she wants.

I wonder how many other potential web clients out there think they have to get it word perfect the first time?  You don’t. And a simple site can have About information – info about you, what makes you qualified to do what you do, your photo, etc. A page for contact details and a home page about your business. Perhaps a page of testimonials. As simple as that. After that you can add to your site and build it as things develop for your business.

Now are you ready to get your site created?  Contact me for details!

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