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Heartbleed vulnerability

By now you’ve probably seen articles online about the Heartbleed Bug Vulnerability affecting the internet community and that there are many popular sites affected by this bug.  This relates, in particular, to sites that are using SSL, i.e. you’re logging into a site with an address that starts https:

First off, I’d like to assure you that the servers I use for hosting sites are safe and unaffected. So you do not need to be concerned there.

However, there may be sites you are using that are affected so it’s worthwhile paying attention to this. What I encourage you to do is to monitor the sites you do have accounts with and after they’ve advised they’ve run an update, then go in and update your password. If you do it before they’ve run the update you’ll have to go and change your password again.

Rather than repeat all of what’s been said about Heartbleed, I encourage you to click here for details.  And here for a list of sites affected.

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