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How to get your website up quickly

I provide web design services and get regular enquiries about getting a website set up. I have standard questions to ask, for example:

  • Do you have a domain registered yet?
  • Have you worked out where to host your site?
  • Do you know what you want on the site?

Answers vary but often they have a domain, or have thought about it, not sure where to get the hosting (sometimes they didn’t know they needed it) and almost always say ‘yes’, they know what they want on the site. But do they really?

When I give them my questionnaire to fill out they’re able to tell me about sites they do or don’t like, their competitors’ sites, the colours they want and can provide a logo or photos and then they send the form back to me, signed off, but… without content for the site.

What do I mean by content? Well, I mean what you want on each page in the way of text. Your “about” information, information that tells the client what you do or have, and why they need it.  Some sites only need a small number of pages, i.e. Home, About, Contact and maybe an order page. Others need a lot more information and some may also want a blog where they can write regular articles for their subscribers.

no duplicate contentRecently a client asked me to look at their competitors’ sites and glean information from there and re-arrange the words. I had to refuse this request. Apart from being plagiarism, Google can also penalise you if you have duplicate content on your site. Not only that, but the original owners of the content could demand you take the site down and perhaps threaten you with legal action if you don’t. I don’t want to get embroiled in that situation.  But I did refer him to a copywriter I know to assist him in that part.

I know that many new website owners have been caught up in situations like this because they haven’t provided their web designer with content, but rather just some instructions, imagining that magically they’ll have this whiz bang site and they don’t question the web designer where the content came from.  Not a good position to be in.

Please don’t imagine, for a moment, that your web designer is a copywriter. While there may be some who are, just as some are also graphic designers, the fact is that the majority of web designers are web designers and not copywriters or graphic designers.

Finally, do I know any copywriters and graphic designers I can refer you to? Of course I do!  One of the things I love about being in business is having a mix of contacts I can share with my clients, and share my clients with my contacts. 🙂

So, ultimately, I can assist you with domain registrations, web hosting and web design. All you need is to provide the content to go on the site and I can have it up for you in relatively quick time!  Why not contact me today?


  1. Great blog Kathie – and so true regarding website content – often it’s hard for business owners to edit their message down to “readable” chunks – so the fresh / unbiased eyes of a copywriter often cleans up and targets the message which can increase the conversion of visitors to clients!

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