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Introducing new ‘forum’ hosting

It has been most remiss of me not to mention that I can host forums for clients as well. In fact, I’ve been doing it for awhile but have never mentioned it.  So I thought I should make mention of it now and add a page to this website.

If you have a club, group, industry interest or perhaps a set of friends or work colleagues that you’d like to keep in constant contact with then there are two good choices to maintain that contact. An email list or a board forum. Both mean that emails are received into your mailbox, however with a board forum it gives you the opportunity to choose which message threads you want to follow, rather than every single conversation as in an email list. And you can also add an avatar in the way of your photo if you wish to let fellow members know what you look like.

Both email lists and board forums allow you to create a signature block to showcase your business or favourite site.  And both work very well, depending on your needs.  A board forum can be designed to reflect your organisations corporate colours and logo.

Here at ACS-Webhosting we offer two options, phpBB and SMF, which are both very popular forum software programs.  To find out more please visit the Forum Hosting page on our site.  Available at a very affordable $9.95AUD a month.

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