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Maintaining control of your domain name

I often get people commenting to me that they have no idea who their domain name is registered with and that their webhost has handled that for them.  That’s fine until something changes and the client doesn’t want to be with that host anymore but didn’t want to ask for details about their domain.

I believe that the true owners of a domain should have that information – even if they don’t access it personally.  It’s important to have the login details and that renewals for the domain are sent to the owners, not to the webhosts.

There are two sources on the web that I use:

For Aussie domains go to

For non-Aussie domains you can use

Both of these will tell you the owner of the domain name, the nameserver the site is currently hosted with and who the registrar is that the domain name was registered with.  The only exception is if the domain has been privately registered but you should still get info on the nameserver and registrar.

I often do register domains on behalf of clients or direct them to to register a domain.  When I do the registration I make sure the domain is in the name of the client and that I’m added as the Tech Contact. That way I can assist on a technical basis and if the registrar can’t get in touch with the owner for renewals I can be contacted.

Addendum 19 July 2013:  I am now officially an Australian Domain Reseller and will be phasing out the domain service listed above. It’s still active but I am now encouraging clients to to go to my new service here.

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