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Not the full package

When people think about getting a website created for their business, they don’t always realise that it takes more than just a web designer to put the site together.  There’s a whole lot of planning involved – not just providing text and images from the client, but a strategy that should consider what their target base may be looking for, when seeking out their services.

While the designer puts the site together, before that process has begun, it makes sense to engage the services of a copywriter who can put the best copy together for your website. They may also be able to help you with your marketing strategy, or work with a marketer, to achieve the results that you desire.  Further they need to work at your SEO and assist with the best keywords and description required to ensure your site gets the activity and attention you want it to get.

I do have a series of questions I ask new web clients when it comes to planning their website, but I’m not a marketer. I can write good copy, however that is often outside of the quote for a website to be put together.  I have a team of people I can refer to, when the client needs further assistance with their website plans.

While I can’t provide the full package personally, when it comes to planning your website, I can certainly refer you to the people who can complete that package, ensuring a good result once the site is made live.

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