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Securing your website

Some may remember I wrote about the importance of changing your username and making your password stronger a few months ago.  It is important that you don’t use the standard ‘admin’ for your username that WordPress automatically creates if you don’t choose one of your own.  The reason being that hackers use that as a starting base for trying to hack into your site.

Charly Leetham of the wpwarrior puts this beautifully in her article ‘Secure Your Website and Hosting‘ and I encourage you to read it.  While you might not necessarily understand all of what she’s written, the point is very clear, you want to protect your site and ensuring a safer login is a good place to start. Also making sure you do have regular backups run for your site. Most of you would have the wp-backup plugin on your site and I encourage you to run it at least weekly, and download it to your computer for safekeeping.  Very important.

If you need assistance with this at all, please do let me know.

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