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Think about your domain name before buying

Although domain names are a dime a dozen these days (well, not quite, but they’re not expensive either) it is easy to buy up domains here and there as the whim takes us. However, sometimes it’s worth really thinking about the domain name you’re about to purchase.  Some feel that because there are millions out there, all the good ones are taken, but that’s not necessarily the case. However, if the one(s) you wanted are taken, you can look at variations on that domain name.

Having a keyword or keywords in your domain is beneficial. Especially if it’s a product or service that is popular.  People will find you easily.  Using hyphens in a domain name can help break up the words and make them more readable and is often a worthwhile option if your first choice has been taken already.

And having a hyphen might stop your domain becoming one of the ‘unfortunate domains’ that are out there. Have you seen them?  Here are some examples:

1. – Website for Who Represents
2. – Website for Experts Exchange
3. – Website for Pen Island
4. – Website for Therapist Finder
5. – Website for Power-Gen Italia (Italian Power Generation company)

You can see more at Know Your Meme website.  Amazing what the eye sees versus what was intended.

And here are some at Rational Wiki.

Gotcha thinking now, haven’t I?