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Transferring a WordPress site

Last year I wrote an article about transferring your website but what I didn’t include were steps specifically for WordPress sites.

If you have a site in WordPress there are two ways you can back up your data (content, comments and images).  You can go to Tools in your Control Panel and export the xml file to your computer.

Or, you can install the WordPress backup plugin (if it’s not already there) and download a backup to your computer. I usually do both, just in case. If you don’t have the backup plugin already set up for your WordPress site, then I suggest you get it done straight away anyway.  While your web-host would run regular backups I firmly believe you should be retaining backup copies of your site yourself.  Any designer who creates in html or other web codes would have a backup on their computer, so why not those who use online web design tools too?

Also download the wp-content folder from online, so that any edits that have been done to your theme is saved, and also all the plugins you’ve been using for the site.

Now, reset the DNS settings for your domain to the new server, and once re-delegated (the domain is visible via the new server), install WordPress and then import the xml file or restore the backup file to your site. Upload any theme changes and your plugins and your site should be fully active again. But always best to check, in case any images are missing or some things didn’t restore properly. You can put them back manually.


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