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Web Hosting Follow Up

Thank you for your webhosting order.

Your information is on its way to me. In the meantime this is what will take place:

You will get notification once your domain has been set up on our server and access is as follows:

Temporary Access to the Control Panel:
Username: your chosen username
Password: your chosen password

You may now reupload your website to the new webspace, ready for showing as soon as the propagation has finished.

You also need to notify your domain registrar of the new DNS settings for your domain name.

Name Server Address’s/Domain Names:
To transfer an existing domain name, you will need to change the existing name servers at the place where you registered your domain to the following:


If you are unsure what that means, you need to go back to the website where you registered your domain name, log in to your account, select your domain name and then look for the DNS settings. It will show DNS1 and DNS2 as being set to your domain registrar’s address at the moment. You need to replace this with the addresses above.

Domain names can take up to 72 hours to propagate to the server although in most cases it’s usually less than 24 hours! What that does mean is that you might not be able to receive email for a short period of time as the new server takes over from the old one – possibly an hour or less. If you receive a lot of email I recommend you do the changed DNS setting in an evening to minimise any problems you might experience temporarily.

When the Domain Name propagates to our server, access to Control Panel will be available at:

At that time Web based email will be available at: note the “/” (slash) at the end.

Email Accounts:
You can set up email accounts by logging into the control panel (cpanel) and click on Add/remove accounts.

Please note:
All additional email accounts setup through Control Panel will use the following format:
When accessing these accounts the complete email address becomes the username.
This applies when accessing webmail and also accounts setup in an email program.

For Example:
Password: as requested.

Mail Server Settings:
POP3 (Incoming) server:
SMTP (Outgoing) server: (or Your ISP SMTP Address)

We do prefer SMTP to be set to your ISP Address, as this reduces traffic through the server.
In addition, if your ISP blocks port 25 you will need to set the SMTP address to your ISP’s.

We also have Open Source software available for your use. If you desire to have a blog set up for your domain
please let me know and I’ll install WordPress software for you at no extra charge or you can do this through using Fantastico in your Control Panel. You are then free to upload templates of your choice for use.

If you would like me to set up WordPress, install a template of your choice and make changes to it, there is an additional charge – available upon request.

Please print this information as you may need it at a later date!

Help Manual access is available through your Control Panel.

If you experience any difficulties please contact me for assistance.

Best regards

Kathie M. Thomas
ACS WebHosting Services