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Why having a CMS site is important for you

I believe that CMS is really important for web owners and, therefore, all sites I create are CMS, unless otherwise requested.  What is CMS? It’s a website development system that gives you, the owner, the flexibility to update your site, whenever you wish, without having to wait for the web designer to make changes for you.

What are the benefits of having a CMS site?

  1. It gives you control. Once the site has been designed and published, I give you the login details and a small instruction book that explains how to use your site. Or, I can give you a short training session.  However it’s done, it does mean that you, or your staff, can log into the site anytime you want, to edit the content, add or delete images, write blog posts, and so on. No more waiting for someone else to do it for you.
  2. Low cost option. CMS sites are often built with existing templates, which can be modified. This allows you to have a good looking site without having to pay lots of $$ to have something specially created for you.
  3. Change the look anytime you want. Because CMS sites do work with themes, you can install a new theme, any time you wish and instantly have a new look.
  4. Expand your site as you need.  The CMS system I choose to use is WordPress and it has tons of plugins and additional extensions that can be installed to work alongside WordPress. Gives you lots of flexibility with your site.

If you have your content planned already, a new site could be installed and published within just a few days.  And it can be created to be mobile responsive so that your audience can read your site on their phones, tablets and ipads easily.

What do you need to get started?  A domain name, and webhosting, both of which I can provide. Why not get started today and fill out this form to register your interest in having a site developed next week?

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